Creating A Design For Your Website

Creating A Design For Your Website

If you are interested in launching your own website, you will have to learn a few things about web design. Go over the following article for some useful tips on web design.

You can easily launch a simple website without any knowledge of web design. Choose a web hosting service that includes a quality site building tool or create blog thanks to a popular blogging platform. If you choose to create a blog, you will be able to choose a template and personalize it. Site building tools also allow you to create simple designs. This is a good way to launch your site right away if you do not want to wait until you master HTML or other languages.

Learning HTML is not as hard as it seems. You can build an HTML page by dividing your content in different elements or boxes. Do not worry about the position of these boxes right away. Mark your important elements with some tags and try placing your most important content toward the top of your page. Do not forget to add meta tags and a meta description in the header of your HTML pages.

You can then connect your HTML pages to a CSS sheet. A single CSS sheet can be connected to an indefinite number of HTML pages which makes adopting a uniform design a lot easier. You can use your CSS page to define the position of your different elements, their colors, their borders or their size. It is best to use percentages for the size and position of your elements so your design remains flexible.

Look at your site under different browsers and resolutions. Your site should be properly displayed regardless of the device or browser you use. If your site is not displayed properly, you need to adopt a more flexible design. Do not use set values to define the size or position of your elements. If you think a lot of visitors will use their cell phone to look up your site, consider launching a mobile version.

Do not neglect search engine optimization when developing your web design. You should create a simple design and avoid making your HTML too busy to make your site easier to analyze and index. Common mistakes include using Java Script for your menu since search engine spiders cannot follow these links or using an image for your background or your header.

Update your design regularly. Your visitors will not get a positive image of your brand if your design does not look up to date. Learn about the latest web design trends by reading blogs or newsletters on this topic. You can also get an idea of how trends are evolving by paying attention to how other webmasters update their design. Make small changes to your design regularly and try creating a brand new design every two years or so.

Use these tips to create a quality design for your website. Start with a simple project and learn more about HTML and the other skills you will need to develop a quality design.

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